Thursday, 26 August 2010

Black Rappers and Islam

I don't know if there are others out there who think like me but here it goes. I, sometimes, think, feel or even tend to believe things which I don't want to be true. That is true about my feelings about relationship of black celebrities, primarily rappers, with Islam.

As a Muslim, I feel immense happiness and delight when I hear about a western's and specially a celebrity’s conversion to Islam. However, I feel extremely wary and sceptic of the intentions and motives behind the conversion of black rappers to Islam. This feeling is not racist but is based on the culture of these celebrities. Most rappers - most of whom are black and very few white - build their image as rebels and base their personas on a sort of aggressive machismo. My stress here, however, is on the word "rebels". The hip-hop culture sounds to me a culture that prides itself as the rebellious against the society and the norms which bind it together.

With all this in view to me it seems like that the conversion to Islam is not a leap of faith but an act of rebellion against a primarily Christian society which is supposedly dominated by white Christians. It sounds like they are endorsing Islam just to tick off general American society which is lately being seen as more Islamophobic than ever before.

Can someone prove me wrong with a strong argument? I strongly wish that I am wrong.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Israel vs. Jews

I'd love to not hate Jews, if only Israel didn't exist.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Cash Profit Rates (percentages) of National Savings

Whenever you invest your money in any of investment schemes in National Savings to get cash profit on regular basis, you never know until the completion of entire (and rather lengthy paperwork) how much cash you are actually going to take home.

General (R) Pervez Musharraf's government regularly and drastically reduced National Savings profit rates and, even now, you can never say for sure how much income tax you will be slapped with.

However, people at National Savings are kind enough that they will give you a clear figure of percentage of income tax if you ask them. Nevertheless, the percentage of profit they tell you, although technically true, is always somewhat misleading as to how much actual cash you'll be able to feel in your pocket.

After doing a little elementary algebra based on my experience with National Savings, I have come up with an equation which can solve a big mystery in a matter of minutes.

Mystery: What percentage of your amount you actually get in cash profit in any regular income scheme at National Savings?

And the answer is:

In this equation, x is the actual, working percentage of cash profit you are taking home. It is useful, when you already are taking home some amount of cash from an investment scheme, and you want to calculate how much money you could make on a different amount in same investment.

Here's how to use above equation. Let's start with variables.

x is percentage of cash you are currently taking home. National Savings never tells you this percentage. Your goal is to find the value of x.

P is the amount of cash you receive in profit from National Savings on an your investment.

y is number of times you receive the profit every year. It is generally a number from 1 to 12.

a is the amount of money that you have invested.

t is the percentage of income tax on your profit. This you have to ask National Savings by simply asking, "what is the percentage of income tax?"

By knowing P, y, a and t, you can calculate x, the percentage of cash profit that you get on your investment amount. From this percentage you can calculate possibilities of cash profits on different amounts in the same scheme without going through all banking mumbo jumbo of National Savings.

Using this equation in Microsoft Excel

Above equation is for pen and paper only. This equation may not give you proper answer in Microsoft Excel if you are not familiar with how the software works with percentages.

To use this equation in MS Excel, change into following:

In Excel, this equation will be entered as following:


Where P = B1, y = B2, a = B3, t = B4

It is because of % sign in Excel's equation that we have to change 10000 to 100. If you want to use the original equation in Excel, then do not use % sign.

Monday, 17 May 2010

I Support Honour Killings

Yes, I do support honour killings. But not necessarily for those of women or girls. It can be anyone. Anyone who undermines the honour of my country, Pakistan.

Recent events that have unfolded in the two Americas, the continents, necessitate us to take such steps. In USA (North America), Faisal Shehzad and in Chile (South America), Mohammad Saif-ur-Rehman have put Pakistan back into defensive position on negotiating table with foreign powers, specially USA. Now open discussions have started again about the possibility of American boots in Pakistan.

Faisal and Saif, these two buffoons have jeopardized Pakistan’s reputation that we built by giving so many military and civilian lives in retaliation against terrorists and their activities.

Government of Pakistan, instead of defending the likes of Faisal and Saif should either eliminate them and their links to Pakistan, or bring them back to Pakistani soil and put them in front of Pakistani courts. This way we would be cleaning up on our own terms, after dimwits like them have crapped all over their country’s hard earned reputation. It takes just one drop of dirty water to ruin the whole bucket, and we’ve got two.

Pakistan should kill whatever we need to kill to save the honour of the country.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Jewish Ethnocentrism is Dangerous for Humanity

The life of an average American revolves around two things; money and TV. Decades of brainwashing of American people against communism and socialism as taboos worst than rape and murder have turned an average Joe into a humanoid machine who works his entire life for a goal of financial security only to see the fruits of his toil near the very end of his life; and it is true for the few very lucky Joes only. What is the worst accusation Tea Partiers came up against Obama? “He’s a communist.” “He’s a socialist.”
An average American revolves around money and TV like a planet which orbits two stars and has its path of travel in the shape of number 8. After a day of hard work, a son of Uncle Sam relaxes with TV and perhaps only TV.
Money goes to and stays in financial institutions while the contents of TV broadcast are a hodgepodge of news, reality shows, sitcoms, cop shows, soap operas and movies.
Just pick 5 names from any major financial institution or a TV/film company and do a background check on those names. Four out of five names will turn out to be Jewish. This identity is more ethnic than religious. Many Jews who are staunch adherents of the basic tenants of life of modern Jewry might claim to be non-practicing Jews, atheists or humanists. However, their practical life will be an embodiment of life of a typical kosher Jew. It seems like in modern times, to be a Jew proof of religion is not as much important as is the proof of ethnic loyalty.
Saying that Jews control the world would be a bit of exaggeration, however, it would be almost impossible to prove me wrong if I said that Jews control America and want to control the world.
When you see so many Jews concentrated in above-mentioned two very important parts of life of an American you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to figure out that something isn’t right. In fact, it is very wrong. Why is it that so many Jews so quickly succeed in whatever discipline of entertainment or finance they venture into?
What I see is a clear case of ethnocentrism and nepotism. Both, finance and entertainment, are very lucrative industries. Both industries by their very nature are very hard to penetrate and only the best and the brightest have any chance of piercing through their tightly knit fabrics. Any observer with common sense and some observational knowledge of these industries can easily discern those who don’t belong there and do not have the talent or guts to survive the supposed competition. However, Jews not only survive but also succeed to a fairly significant extent. In all such instances, there is a basic common denominator. The people getting undeserving success are ethnically Jews. They have least amount of talent, they often are extremely non-serious, and often are very young for their success. They keep getting chances despite the potential financial disasters. All the powerful moguls in these industries are Jews and they are doing their best to keep the Jewish concentration high. This kind of ethnocentrism and nepotism is inherently dangerous for the others who are not Jews. This practice with enough permeation in other walks of life will result in a desire to eliminate the non-Jewish competition by violence and, therefore, would be destructive for rest of the humanity.
Why is capital punishment used in some countries? What is the psychological reason for humans wanting to punish murder by death? Because a murderer by virtue has proved to be the destroyer of humanity. A murderer, in theory, has tendency and potential to destroy rest of the humanity for the sake of his own sole benefit.
We humans are by nature compelled to help and save other humans when they are in danger. A cop responding to an incident of a dog attacking a human would in most cases react in violence against that dog. It is very likely that the cop might shoot the dog on the spot. Humans, despite all of our, religious, political or ethnic frictions are constantly and mostly unknowingly working for each others’ survival. Every human is in a way is working for the survival of some other human beings. As a result we are depleting the earth of its resources. We are sucking the earth dry like a parasite. We are like a disease and are destroying everything around us for our own sole benefit. We are destroying plantations. We are destroying animals. We are destroying environment. We are destroying earth.
In the same way, on a smaller scale but at a rapid speed, Jews are destroying everyone around them who is not Jew. It’s not just Jews. Every ethnocentric group, whether it is Whites supremacists, Arab nationalists, Kurd nationalists, Pushtun nationalists, Sikh Nationalists or Aryans, is dangerous to the rest of the humanity.
I chose Jews to be the topic of my discussion because of their clout on most powerful country on the face of the earth and their ever increasing emphasis on the importance of their race and ethnicity. Although this emphasis is still in innuendo and insinuation but it carries a foreboding of a violent doomsday which we all have to work together to avoid.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Wal-Mart Telephone Scam in Canada

Today I received a strange call from someone with a thick ethnic accent of English. The caller claimed that I had won a “$100 gift voucher for shopping at Wal-Mart”. When I asked why did I win it, he told me that I had filled out “a ballot” while shopping at a “Wal-Mart shopping centre” at Westmount Avenue (a street where I have never been).

Let’s start from the beginning of the call. The caller was a male and sounded East Indian with influences of some other accents too. At times I could hardly discern the words he was trying to say. I got the phone call a little after the noon hour and the number that my caller ID showed was 000-012-3456.

The thing that struck me instantly was that he was asking for my wife, not me. It just so happens that I am not married neither do I have a girlfriend or any other romantic alliance. When I told him that there was no Mrs. So-And-So, he right away changed his stance and said that he was asking for Mr. So-And-So not otherwise. Yes, he had my name right. Most callers from telemarketing companies and their likes ask for “Mr. or Mrs. So-And-So” instead of just Mrs. I gave him the benefit of doubt on account of his bad accent.

Then he told me that I had filled out “a ballot” while shopping at a “Wal-Mart shopping centre” and as a result I had won a “$100 dollar gift voucher”, which, he later elaborated, was for Wal-Mart, too. Just look at the caller’s choice of words in inverted commas. He insisted that I had filled the “ballot” in the “shopping centre when you were shopping”, not online. Here’s the catch. I never fill any forms or “ballots” when I am shopping because of time constraints and, moreover, I haven’t been to any Wal-Mart in last three months or so. I gave him that too because it was not impossible for any of my family members to fill “a ballot” in my name if it was in and for a well-reputed store like Wal-Mart.

The caller told me that I could pick-up my “$100 gift voucher” at 42 Westmount Avenue. Note that there is no Wal-Mart at this address or anywhere close in its vicinity and, get that, it’s a residential address. It is a house, which, from Google Street View, looks like is in a well-to-do neighbourhood. He also gave me a postal code, which, I later discovered, did not match the street address that he gave me. By the way, even the postal code was not situated anywhere near a Wal-Mart or the original street address, for that matter.

He also gave me a telephone number to contact him which started with my city code and went on like (xyz) 800-9225. Although, he had told me that I could pick up the said “voucher” at any time between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM on any weekday, after giving me his telephone number, he told me that he needed to know when I was coming to pick it up. Then he told me to call him before I go to pick it up.

Near the end of the conversation, he asked me if I had a girlfriend. When I told him that I did not, he asked me if I had a female friend because I needed to bring a female with me as the voucher was for couples only. On my further inquiries, he told me that I could even bring a female blood relative for that purpose. Truly, this part of conversation was most surprising and in a way creepy with unthinkable premonitions.

I asked him if his records indicated the date I filled the “ballot”, he told that I did it on February 12, 2010, a day when I or my family did not do any shopping whatsoever.

A few moments after the termination of the phone call, I called the number he gave me and here’s what I heard: “We’re sorry. Your call cannot be completed as dialled. Please check the number and dial again.”

Later I called Wal-Mart and, needless to say, they told me it was a telephone scam to steal my identity. When I told the female representative of Wal-Mart that the caller had got my correct name and street address, she told me it is very easy to get it from Yes, I did find myself at along with my full address.

For the sake of preliminary analysis, let’s go back again. At the beginning of the phone call, he asked for my wife by saying Mrs. with my name. It could be because it was during the working hours. Or maybe because many scammers from Asia and even Africa are under the impression that it is easier to dupe women compared to men.

I think I am going to call the police.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Why Israel is America's best buddy?

Countless sources in all kinds of media of information tell you and will tell you that Israel is the best friend America has. Has anyone ever stopped to think why Israel is so passionate about the pronouncement of its friendship to the entity many of us know as US of A?

If USA or so-called America ceases to be a superpower – the richest country with mightiest military and craftiest diplomatic prowess – Israel will find a new friend. And at that time of necessity the new superpower will have Israel as the best friend it will ever be able to possibly have.

Since the dawn of the formal inception of Israel as a result of organized terrorism and genocide of Arabs, USA has been the most powerful country with the lowest standards of diplomatic morality. With America being as powerful as it has been, which it continues to be so far, and its economy securely tethered to Zionist businesses and politicians addicted to hefty donations from same Zionists, Israel is making sure it stays impossible to wean it from American teat.

Monday, 8 February 2010

An Interesting Theorem: Proving 4 = 0

Theorem: The digit 4 is a constant number. But sometimes it is not so. It becomes equal to zero.

∴ To prove: 4 = 0


Let we have an equation as follows
4² – 4² = 0Universal truth as 16 – 16 = 0
it can be written
( 4 + 4 ) ( 4 - 4 ) = 0by the formula
a² – b² = ( a + b ) ( a – b )
4 – 4 = 0dividing both sides by 4 + 4
or 2² – 2² = 0Given
( 2 + 2 ) ( 2 – 2 ) = 0by the formula
a² – b² = ( a + b ) (a – b )
2 + 2 = 0dividing both sides by 2 – 2
4 = 0Hence proved.

Those who'd like to challange above theorem's approach, ever remember solving limit problems at the beginning of calculus?