Monday, 8 March 2010

Why Israel is America's best buddy?

Countless sources in all kinds of media of information tell you and will tell you that Israel is the best friend America has. Has anyone ever stopped to think why Israel is so passionate about the pronouncement of its friendship to the entity many of us know as US of A?

If USA or so-called America ceases to be a superpower – the richest country with mightiest military and craftiest diplomatic prowess – Israel will find a new friend. And at that time of necessity the new superpower will have Israel as the best friend it will ever be able to possibly have.

Since the dawn of the formal inception of Israel as a result of organized terrorism and genocide of Arabs, USA has been the most powerful country with the lowest standards of diplomatic morality. With America being as powerful as it has been, which it continues to be so far, and its economy securely tethered to Zionist businesses and politicians addicted to hefty donations from same Zionists, Israel is making sure it stays impossible to wean it from American teat.

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