Monday, 17 May 2010

I Support Honour Killings

Yes, I do support honour killings. But not necessarily for those of women or girls. It can be anyone. Anyone who undermines the honour of my country, Pakistan.

Recent events that have unfolded in the two Americas, the continents, necessitate us to take such steps. In USA (North America), Faisal Shehzad and in Chile (South America), Mohammad Saif-ur-Rehman have put Pakistan back into defensive position on negotiating table with foreign powers, specially USA. Now open discussions have started again about the possibility of American boots in Pakistan.

Faisal and Saif, these two buffoons have jeopardized Pakistan’s reputation that we built by giving so many military and civilian lives in retaliation against terrorists and their activities.

Government of Pakistan, instead of defending the likes of Faisal and Saif should either eliminate them and their links to Pakistan, or bring them back to Pakistani soil and put them in front of Pakistani courts. This way we would be cleaning up on our own terms, after dimwits like them have crapped all over their country’s hard earned reputation. It takes just one drop of dirty water to ruin the whole bucket, and we’ve got two.

Pakistan should kill whatever we need to kill to save the honour of the country.

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