Saturday, 3 December 2011

Rolling Heads

Pakistan Army is invincible; except in wars against foreign aggression or local insurgents. In these two situations it is helpless. It acts like a wailing child who, in between his uncontrollable tears, threatens to tell mommy.

That’s what has been proved since Lal Masjid incident until now and before that in three and a half wars against India. Nevertheless, rest assured no matter what happens no general will ever lose his job because he blundered. He will lose his job only when he becomes a serious liability for other generals. Because it’s all business. Even then this general will enjoy full immunity from any legal proceedings. Point in case: Musharraf.

We quit 1948 war, left the task incomplete; we started and lost 1965 war and lied to the entire nation and perpetuated that lie by celebrating Defence Day on every September the 6th ever since. We lost half the country in 1971. We dug a hole ourselves in 1999 and got stoned in it; and stonewalled diplomatically. Tell me how many generals lost their jobs that can be historically acknowledged as a result of all these “little” incidents? Has any general ever been arrested or tried for any blunder causing thousands of civilian and military deaths?

After alleged killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad – which was a clear military attack on country’s soil, a declaration of war by US against Pakistan – the first thing military wanted the public to know was that “no heads will role”. Translation: “Do not expect any general to lose his job for such serious failure of intelligence and inability of the military to defend the sovereignty of the country.” Many politicians would have been more than happy to try and hang Raymond Davis if it weren’t for Pakistan Army’s everlasting bittersweet love affair with USA that saved their illegitimate child that killed two Pakistanis on Pakistani soil at point blank in cold blood. Davis killed two Pakistanis like cattle and guards of his jail cell were not allowed to carry their duty weapons.

After the deliberate slaughter of 24 Pakistani soldiers by NATO air power I do not expect any positive steps from military brass. Sooner than later everything will be business as usual. This Army is Alzheimer’s patient when it comes to USA and its allies. I truly believe that those 24 Shuhadaa had neither the weapons nor orders to defend themselves from NATO’s murderous aerial fire power. At this point the least the Army could do is roll the heads of General Kiayni and General Pasha and start an inquiry against them for not acting against foreign aggression.

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