Sunday, 5 October 2008

Future Jokes: Sikh, Sardar and Sardarji

In near future, I am going to post some jokes which some of you might consider racist. These jokes target a certain religious community of India called Sikhs. This community is very visible in Canada and England too because of massive immigration.

Sikhs, along with being a religious community, also enjoy ethnic homogeneity and, unlike many other religious communities of the world, have same religious and communal lingua franca.

A Google search can be used to see their distinctive culture in pictures.

A person belonging to Sikh community is also called Sikh. Sikhs are also called Sardars for some reason. A Sikh can be addressed using the word "Sardar" and it is mostly considered polite to do so, especially when you want to talk to a Sikh, who is a stranger to you, in rather informal way. "Sardarji" is another and politer way to address and refer to a Sikh.

A stereotypical Sikh's name always ends with the word "Singh" although in real life not every Singh is a Sikh and not every Sikh is a Singh.

For some reason, like Scots (and many other ethnic groups which I don't remember), Sikhs are also butt of jokes. A negative stereotype of Sikhs is that they are slow in brain, they have very little intelligence and/or they are always below normal human IQ. All this negativity is used in jokes about Sikhs. Such jokes are quite popular in Pakistan due to the resentment against Sikhs for their participation in bloodshed of migrating Muslims (who were on their way to Pakistan from India) in 1947-48.

I apologise to everybody in advance if you find the up coming jokes about Sikhs distasteful or bad humour. The intention of these jokes is nothing but some moments of smiles and laughs. I am not from Sikh community and my community enjoys more jokes about itself than any other.


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