Thursday, 18 September 2008

Joke from my jokes collection 1

I was in my car during a traffic jam, and I could see a man walking between the cars, apparently asking something to everyone as he passed. The man walks up to my car and knocks on the windshield.

I open the window and he asks: “Hey, Did you hear the news? The Pakistani Cricket team is being held hostage, and they ask Rs. 100 crore for their release. If they don’t pay it, they threaten to put petrol on the players, and light them!”
“Oh God!” I said, “This is just unbelievable”.

“That’s why I’m walking from car to car, to collect”, said the man.

While I was getting my wallet out of my pocket I asked the man how much most people usually give, and the man said: “Well, about 5 litres!”

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